In the Beginning…

After a short blogging hiatus, I felt inspired to write again this morning.

I decided to go back to the beginning of my Bible and read the very first chapters of Genesis, the ones where God is creating everything. As I read  “And God said, let the waters under the heavens be gathered together jot one place”, I got this image in my head of Mickey Mouse in Fantasia. The one where Mickey is wearing the sorcerer’s hat and controlling the waters… So I started thinking about the entire scene and how it illustrates this story pretty well. Now this is not necessarily what Walt Disney was thinking when he wrote this scene but it is just the image that came to my mind. And it kind of works. It’s a good visual for me.

So I was reading and kept imagining God as the sorcerer; giving life to everything, teaching it how to act, continually creating new and having control of what he had…

Fantasia 3

I then imagined us as Mickey, acting in the moments when we think God isn’t there or He isn’t looking, and taking control over our own circumstances and trying to “play God” in a sense by putting on the hat and attempting to impose our own control.

Disney Fantasia 2

Now, if you remember Fantasia, Mickey has a grand old time wearing the sorcerer’s hat and having all the power and magic that goes with it, but in the end, Mickey is just like you and me: a sinful being that is not intended to control everything and even when he thinks he knows best, he in fact does not… when he does try to control everything, things go pretty wrong and the sorcerer must step in to clean everything up.

The same is with our relationship with God. Only He is powerful and knowledgable enough to wear the hat and control every situation. Occasionally, we try to put it on and work our own magic, without Him, we will not be successful. At least, no more successful than Mickey was when he lost control and flooded everything!

Fantasia 4

Like I said, not what was intended of this scene. But to me (and my mind works in weird ways sometimes), it demonstrates well pieces of what the Creation story looks like and some glimpses at a relationship with God.