Workout Revival

So, I have been known to start things and either finish them and drop it like a bad habit or (in worse cases) quit altogether.

It is natural to go through phases, I totally understand that. But what I am talking about is achieving a goal and then falling so far from the original habit that you may as well not have even started.

I think there are several things I struggle with.

1. I lose motivation
2. I get bored
3. I don’t see desired results
4. It becomes “too hard”
5. I get “too busy”

These are all excuses, and pretty poor ones at that. The thing I am struggling with most right now is my physical health. I know I need to get back on top of things but I have really been letting myself slip for a while now.

So, question for readers: Where do I begin? Do I join a gym? Do I find a workout routine? Do you recommend anything? How can I stay motivate?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I know goals are a good place to start. I will decide on some achievable ones and post later.

shared with love, t.