Takes My Breath Away


As sweet and romantic as that header sounds, I am not referring to a cheesy romantic scene from a Nicolas Sparks movie. I am simply talking about my morning’s workout!

I have decided I will be sticking with Cassey Ho, a pilates and workout instructor that has both a blog and a YouTube channel with videos to walk you through some great workouts, for a while, alternating her cardio videos with more of her low key pilates videos and some yoga DVDs mixed in there.

This morning I decided to give her 8 minute “POP Cardio: Heart Throbber” workout a try figuring, eh, it’s only 8 minutes, I can handle that..

While I was able to handle the 8 minutes, my heart was definitely throbbing! It was a great cardio workout and I know that I will feel it! It was nice to feel my breathing get heavier and my heart rate accelerate knowing I was working hard. I was challenged!

I am doing it 2-3 times today taking small breaks in between to let my body catch up; this workout quite literally is taking my breath away!

Give it a try! Good luck!


sharing fitness with love, t.