The Big 5-Oh

Sunday was the big day! The day I coordinated my 50th wedding 🙂

It feels like I have been doing this longer than I have, but wedding coordinating for the past 6 months has been so great. It has taught me so much about different people, different cultures, different seasons (at least half the seasons!).

So in honor of my 50th wedding, I figured I’d make a list of the things I have learned in this job.

1. Different cultures have different superstitions. I assumed everyone would think the way I did- things like the groom can’t see the bride until she is coming down the aisle. Some people do first looks, some won’t let brides take part in rehearsals because it is bad luck, some people jump over a broom at the end of the ceremony, some have to have the guestbook in the chapel, some in the reception area.

2. There really isn’t such a thing as “Traditionally” anymore. All families are different. All couples are different. All opinions of “traditional” are different and because of that, there is no “traditionally” that will work for everyone.

3. People’s faces when we bring wine to the chapel are priceless. At our venue, its not a church, just a chapel for the ceremony. But the number of people who drop their jaws and giggle when we bring wine in or some slips a curse word is pretty funny.

4. As a coordinator, you will get hit on by drunk groomsmen. And sometimes sober ones.

5. The groomsmen will be embarrassed that they hit on you when the realize  you are already married.

6. “Bridezilla” is a condition like the flu. It lasts 24 hours and the beautiful bride is back to normal. Most brides just have moments. And most of those moments are because they are stressed out. And most of the stress comes from really silly things- bridesmaids haven’t altered their dresses yet, they haven’t decided on their favors, their photographer complained to them about the amount of sunlight during the photo time… Most snap out of this. Most.

7. It is more fun for me when I know the couple. Show me engagement photos; tell me how you met; I want to know what you do for a living, where you from, what your families will be like when they all come to town. That is a connection that friends have and I like coordinating my friends weddings!

To be honest, I have learned  much more than this on a day to day basis but this is what has flowed from my fingertips to the keyboard. Its been such a fun time working in this job and I will continue helping couples to the best of my abilities!

Wonder what I will learn by my 100th…

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