Good Eats

I enjoy cooking. I wouldn’t call myself a professional chef or even a novice chef, I just like reading the recipe and making the food come together and work. Its not fun when it doesn’t work, but last night was a huge success as I tried 7 new pinterest recipes!

I have always loved pinning new recipes but rarely get to try them since most make way to much for me and my husband to eat alone. So we invited our entire families over- both sets of parents and both sets of siblings.

It was so fun getting the opportunity to cook all day and serve our families! I highly recommend each recipe below- they were all delicious!!

Without further ado, our menu is below!



  • Italian Inspired Salad (This I made up based on a compilation of salads- I had lettuce mixed with croutons, pepperoni cut into smaller slices, sliced black olives, feta cheese, and mediterranean Italian dressing…I thought it was great!)

Main Course:


So there you have it! Bon Appetite!

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