Another Wedding…

As most of you know, I am a wedding coordinator. Being in this industry is high paced, crazy busy, and at times insanely stressful.

October is a beautiful month to get married, and that being said, my october has been so busy. 2 weddings the first weekend, 3 the second, 4 this upcoming, and 3 the following… Like I said, busy.

Looking at this weekend and my calendar leading up to it, I have caught myself several times thinking, “Ugh, another weekend, another wedding. Just gotta make it through!”

You know how horrible that is!?

I realize that this is my job and everyone has their “another day, another dollar” moments, but my job is building and creating and organizing the most important day in a couple’s lives!

Every weekend, whether it is one wedding or 4, minor stress or pull my hair out, eat an entire sleeve of cookie dough stress, it is another opportunity for me to witness God joining 2 people for the rest of their lives.

Now I’m not going to pretend that every couple has God’s presence in their wedding or in their lives, but I do. So I figure, my mantra is: Another day, Another Dollar, Another chance to witness God’s joining of a couple that he designed and put together. Makes every day an exciting day in the office if you ask me 😉

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