Birthday Bliss (and some great birthday deals!)

Overflowing with happiness as I prepare to write this post. So touched by every person who called, texted, and posted to facebook wishing me a happy birthday.

More than that, I want to especially call out my husband who has been the number one adventurer, searching for the perfect way to celebrate this new year of life for me. I’ll confess, I haven’t been the easiest to plan for. He did so much research on local attractions, finding who does good birthday deals, who is close enough that it is feasible, what military discounts are out there. After weeks of pondering, we decided that the day of would be the perfect time to pick a plan!

So, on the morning of September 14, 2014, the 24 anniversary of my birth, I awoke to a beautiful handwritten card and a homemade red velvet ice cream cake! So creative!


We didn’t cut into it for breakfast (don’t worry, mom, I did learn something as a kid!) but instead went to church and enjoyed listening to some of God’s word and reflecting on it.

After church, we went with plan A: GA Aquarium!

For all my frugal friends out there, The Georgia Aquarium gives free admission to Georgia residents on their birthday. They also give a small military discount!


Being the first time I had ever been to the aquarium, I was pleasantly surprised at how cool it was! My favorite part was definitely the little otter part. They were so cute, I decided that’s what I want for my next birthday, a pet otter 😉

So, we enjoyed the aquarium for about 3 hours (perfect amount of time in my opinion) and then went to Provino’s Italian Restaurant where you get a free meal on your birthday! My Shirmp and Scallaps made an excellent dinner! (and will also make excellent leftovers!)

We ended the night with some quality time, finally cutting into the delicious cake my husband made for me!

Before I end this post, I just wanted to list a few other birthday discounts out there for all interested:

  • If you register a Starbucks Gift Card, Starbucks will give you a free drink the month of your birthday- totally indulged in a pumpkin spiced latte 🙂
  • Grab a Chickfila Calendar at the end of 2014 and you will not only get your calendar card with freebies each month, you will also be entitled to a free cookie during your birthday month! Worth it!
  • Get approved for a LOFT store card (which you can pay off online or in the store) and they send you a $15 coupon in the mail! Can’t wait to go shopping 🙂

I am so happy and so blessed to have so many friends and family wishing me the best in the year to come. Excited for 24, and ready to enjoy every minute, one day at a time!

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